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We provide you the list of Top 8 Vpn after the review by our experts.Vpn (Virtual private network) is used to enhance the privacy of the user. It encrypt your location, protect your firewall and connect you to the server owned by the provider. It enhance the security risk. It is now commonly used around the world. It is used to migrate your location to the remote server to directly access the blocked IPs. Mostly user join vpn services to avoid being tracked and uses WIFI where the risk of threatening increased of safety of the data.

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How to setup Top 8 vpn (Virtual private network)

There are the numerous factor on which the it depends upon. It varies from person to the person. First is the choice of the service you have to select. Selection may be depend upon the following factor

  • Speed Of the connection
  • Geo location
  • IP Masking
  • User friendly interface

After selecting the perfect Vpn open it. Select the required geolocation server and connect to that server. Perform any browsing it will be from the new remote location. Some vpn providers also provides the instruction to you for the better understanding of the Vpn.

The main difference between the bad and the good Vpn service is that it blocks some of the user and makes the Ip free for the other user freedomly used. Some malicious and spammers also used the Vpn for hiding their location. Vpn Owner can download the entire list of the users from the server and make them block easily

Here is the list of top 8 Vpn

We have select the top 8 vpn sevices for you. Here is the list

  1. Nord
  2. Surf shark
  3. Express
  4. Cyber Ghost
  5. Ip Vanish
  6. Private
  7. Hide My Ass
  8. Private internet Access


Nord is the one of the most successful and used in the current market. It comes first in the top 8 vpn service list. It provides the 291.5mbs of the average downloading speed with the 35.2 average uploading speed. It is the paid service. Starting from the12$ to 15$ per month depending upon the feature and the servers of the geo locations. One of the best feature of the feature of the Nord is that you can get the storage upto the 1TB on remote server. It has around more then 5700+ servers on the 60+ cities.

Nord Vpn

Surf Shark

Surf shark comes on the second number in our list. It is the famous vpn. It has 3200 severs in the 100 cities it is the best option to adopt. It also provide the 30 Days money back gureenty to the customer with the 24/7 support. It provides the fat connection speed. It starts from2.49$ to 3.99$  depending upon the features. It provides two factor Authentication that is the most safest path right now. Also blocks the ads and malware

Surf Shark


Express vpn comes on the third in our lists. As we tested the Vpn it only bear the loss of 18% of the bandwidth it is fast safe secure and easy to use. It has the app available on both apple and android with the simple user interface. It just have the one button on the landing page that allows you to connect to the server. All of the other vpns and the compatibility with the operating system but the express vpn provides the Troubleshoot and Faqs that helps the user to overcome the problems. One of the major cones of the express vpn is that it is expensive and owned by Kape Technologies.



It is best for the users that are frequent travelers. It immediately find the nearby server for the connection. It is the largest network of server that is spread across 90 countries that ensures the quality.

 It has the high rates but the yearly plan undercuts the competition. The major disadvantages to this vpn is that it has the confusing term and conditions.

The advantages is that it conducted a third party audit. Well establish network of servers. Best network response. Several add ons like the Antiviruses. It allows the seven simultaneous connection.


Ip Vanish

It comes with the service in the 75 countries with having the 2200 servers and 40000 IP and unlimited bandwidth. It uses the Wire Guard protocol to power the traffic which is the latest Protocol in the Vpn service. It provides the 24/7 support service for the customer. The best thing about the IP Vanish is that it does not monitor the logs of the user while using the Vpn service that enhance the privacy. It has developed a technology that protect the leaking of the DNS.

Ip Vanish

Private Vpn

It is the military Graded encryption system that protects the entire connection of the users by provided the encryption and making the tunnel from user to the remote server. It also have the same feature like the above Vpn services. It allows the Connection of the 6 devices for the secure browsing. It provides the 63 location in the world. It is the vpn that is compatible with the Mac Android and Pc.

Private Vpn

Hide My Ass vpn

Hma Vpn is majorly used for the Pc . One subscription allow you to encrypt connection from Mac, window, linux, Android and router. It only allows the 5 devices simultaneously. Its servers operate at the 20 gbps . They are offering 75% discount offers. In addition they are also providing service for the android t.v.

Hide My Ass vpn

Private internet Access Vpn

It is the most famous vpn in the german providing the remote servers in the 78 countries. In collaboration with the safari content blocker blocks the ads and track the malware coming to the system. It has the advanced vpn protocole with the Wire guard and Open Vpn. It allows the 10 users with the 1 license.It is one the last of the top 8 vpn .

Private internet Access vpn



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