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YO WhatsApp is the best application for connectivity. You can communicate with everyone with it currently; it is the best application available for the app store and play store. When it was launched was a paid application, but it became accessible and desirable after some time. It provides end-to-end encryption to the chat that minimizes the risk of being hacked. It provides emoticons and ticks for delivery and a blue tick for messages that have been read, but the futuristic feature restricts users. To solve this problem, developers develop this application.

Got tired of using the restricted version of WhatsApp? We will tell you about Yo Watsapp it is the latest modified version having thousands of new features like new emoticons, sending larger files, wallpaper for individual chat, and much more. It is similar to the official app, which provides simple features like calling, sending a message, uploading a profile picture, etc.

You also have to check other modified versions of the at Apk Herb


We are currently providing you with the latest version of this APP. It is the highest updated version of the app.

How to download it?

Downloading it is a straightforward process for everyone can do who owns an android phone
firstly Uninstall the official app, connect your mobile to the internet connection on your device, open Google, Search for the www.Apkemporium.com,Search to the YO Watsapp and click on the download button; once you click on that download button, the file will automatically be started if the file does not start downloading then try again

How to install it?

After downloading the file, please open it and click on Install. After this, the installation will get started. Once the installation is done, open the app, agree to the terms and conditions, and provide a number for verification. You will get OTP to enter it into the app, So your installation will be done.

Are you facing an installation error?
If you are facing the error, allow it for “Unknown Resource” in settings>security>unknown sources, so your mistake will be solved.
If not, contact us r leave a Comment. We will be happy to assist you.

Why YO WhatsApp?

Everyone uses the official version of the Whatsapp. You would not find a single phone that does not have this app. Today’s life is not completed without using it. It is so involved in our lives that everyone checks it before sleeping and in the morning after waking up. Official apps restrict you from some features, so developers take an original and add some Features to it and are happy to share it with others.

WhatsApp is known for its durability and reliableness .so not to push this durability to an extreme level; this is what the YOWA has been doing recently. It is the safest app compared to modified apps and provides maximum aesthetic features.

How to update?

It is not the official app, so you must update it manually. Using this app requires you to update to enhance the features and make it bugs. Free for this, follow the below steps
1-Uninstall to app
2-connect to the internet connection
4-find latest version
5-Install it


These are the requirements for using this app
1-Device having the Android version more significant than 4.4(jelly bean)
2-Internet connection
3- Mobile number for verification
4-you should download APP from this site
5-Little brain to follow steps
6-uninstall the original app


Large files

Using the official app restricts you send files larger the 30-50MB, which is the most significant drawback, so for your ease, developers made it easier for you to use YOWA. You can send file sizes up to 700MB


Officially you can only send a limited number of pictures, but it can send an extensive collection of the image.


It allows you to use the Dual app with WattApp official and other Modified versions.


if you don’t like the official wallpaper of the app Download YO WhatsApp and change it according to your taste


You can change the text fonts’ ringtone according to your mood.

Status copy

If you are using simple WhatsApp and watching every one’s status and you liked someone’s status lines and want to copy. You have to take screen shoot to write the whole text by seeing it again and again but in this scenario, click on the status, and the entire text will get copies.


This app allows you to communicate in more than a hundred languages and makes you comfortable talking to foreign people. Now Azerbaijan language is also added to it.

Call block

You can also block the call of your contact, and unsaved number .this feature is not available in the original app and provides you complete control of your privacy.

Anti delete option

Enabling this option lets you see your friend’s and family’s deleted messages.

New Emoticons

In YO WatsApp Developers have added new emojis that increase your Joyment and make you superior to others by using advanced and new emoticons.

Blue ticks

In the original app, you had to worry about replies after seeing the message, or if you were busy or forgot to give a reaction, it would create a fighting sense between you and your friend. Still, developers added these features to make you comfortable.
Now you can reply according to your ease and comfort. This makes you tension free and relaxed.


YO WhatsApp have such vast features that it can not be written in a single day. So the final verdict is that it is currently the best app in recent time, which have the anti-ban feature that will protect you from being banned from the official WhatsApp App

What is APP’s full name?

YO WhatsApp Apk download latest version for Android


Go to Google play store and click on manage app and device and click on the updated app.

It is a save application?

Yes dear, it always saves for your browsing and on your mobile

Can I download it from the google play store?

Yes, dear, you can absolutely download it from the google play store on your android phone.

Can you get APP’s on PC?

yes dear you can use web for using this app in computer

it is availble for android?

yes dear its avaible for android

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