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Super Mario is the revolution in the android world. Talking about the council in the older times it is known for its was one of the best application. Everyone enjoyed it. Game was famous for its wonderful graphics. More than 380 million of the Mario council game copies sold per year. The concept of the game remains the same in which the character Mario run towards the castle to save the queen peach. Crossing many obstectal and by collecting coins. This game is around 30 years old but had the same joy till now. Everyone loves to enjoy this game no matter what the age is. It was developed by the Nitendo. By passing of the time thing changes and it decreases its popularity.


This game was created to provide you joy and relaxation. Super Mario apk is the exact copy of the original game. Game is created with the colorful graphics. Character Mario have to jump over the obstacle and collect the coin that will help to increase the level faster. Game provide the entertainment and fun. It is provided free to the gaming community. It is the unofficial and fan based version of the game. It reminds every one of their future. Even though the game is free but you have to wait for the lives to recover or you can purchase it by the coins you have earned it during gameplay. You can also exchange the coins with the different character such as Luigi, Toad and Peach

Story of Super Mario

The story line of the game is simple the princess kidnapped by the evil. We don’t have to give introduction about the Mario as it is already a famous character. Mario and Luigi struggle to save the princess. In the start the Mario is the small man but its size increases as it easts the mushroom. Character have to dodge the turtle creatures and jumps. There are pipe which takes the Mario underground gives the shortcut to the destination. Has more coins as compared to the top ground. Basically the Mario is the plumber character

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Features of Super Mario


Today the gaming world had made the game complex by completing the controls. In the older time the games were simple and relaxing. You can play this game simply by the single hand. The Mario character kept on running and you have to just jump over the obstacle and judge the hurdles.


The games consist of the 24 level. Gamer have to pass every level. Each level makes you closer to the princess the main objective of the game is to release princess from the evil. Makers divided the 24 levels in the forest, desserts, caverns and many other things. This test the skills of the gamer in the every trains.


You can collect the coins of the different colors. These coins are used for building castle and forts. The coins are also used for the decoration of the castle. These makes the gaming environment more enjoyable. This make the best gaming behavior. This attracts the gamer to interact more with the game. The game has 100 different castle buildings modes. So keep collecting the different coins buy the best castle decoration and makes your castle different from others


The old Super Mario game has the multiplayer game in which both the Luigi and Mario moves closer to the castle. It is the game’s best and unique feature. Makers have already added the multiplayer in the game. You can challenge your friend. You can show the world your skill. You can challenge any player in the world. So kept on playing so you can challenge the best player in the world and beat their score. Prove them that you are the best player in the world and beat their dominance


Today everyone has the less times in the recent times. The games has the new uniquely added new remix 10 mode. It is the quick mode which test the skills of the gamer. It provides the shortest Mario courses. You have to run through the 10 courses to find the Daisy. It testify the quickness of the gamers


Android version greater than the 4.0

Internet connection

Storage around 100 MB

How to download Super Mario Apk?

First open the Apk emporium and download the file from the link

Locate the file in the storage from file manager and install the apk

Allow the installation from the Unknown Source

Wait some time

After installation done open the app and enjoy it

Final verdict on the Super Mario apk

Super Mario is the best game in our childhood which we enjoyed on consol. But with the time changes everything moves to another level. It is the best revolution to the android world which provides the best environment and reminds about your childhood. It is the basic conversion from the video game to the android game. In which the Mario have to cross through different obstacles and hurdles. This is absolutely free application. It has different difficulties. The game developed with the colorful graphics. If you don’t have the access to the Google play store you can download the apk.

How to install the Fb lite?

Just go to the Apk herb search for the app and download it.
Is it available for Android?

Is it available for PC?

no, it is not available for the PC but many android emulator can provide you service

Is it available for the offline use?

Yess it is available for the offline use

Is it available for the offline use?

Yess it is available for the offline use

It is safe to use?

Yes it is 100%  free application that s the reason for its fame

Is it free to use?

Yes the basic version is free for the everyone

Is it available for IOS?

Yes, it is available for the IOS     

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