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Today the Garena Free Fire playground game are very famous in the gaming world. This games provides the competitive environment between the players .This helps the gamers to improve their skill and sense of completion. No one left who does not know about this game.  In this game 50 players dropped to the battleground and compete with each other. You can play solo or with team in it. Team includes four players .The one who left standing at the end Wins the game and got BOYAHH


Free fire is the 10 mint battleground game in which players can find different weapons like Shotgun, rifle, pistol and sniper gun different energy booster. Player can also find vehicle to travel in the battleground to eliminate enemies. It allows the players to show their skills. In this article you can find the feature, requirement and Method to install

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Features of Garena Free Fire


Garena Free fire is famous because it is the online battleground. It allow the players to compete against each other and with the other player worldwide. This game addictive and enjoyable.



In this mode 50 player jumps from the plane at different location collect items and compete with each other trying to be best and the one who remains standing at the ending wins the game.

Clash squad

It is the competition between the two teams trying to be winner. Each team is consist of 4 players. Both teams plays 7 round against each other .Team which wins most round wins the game

Rush Hour

Today everyone is busy in their routine. No one has an enough time to waste. So, the game developer introduce this mode for these type of people. This mode includes 20 player and the battleground is smaller to complete game in the lesser time.

Lone wolf

Lone wolf is the modified version of the clash squad with more difficult rules. It is either 1vs 1 or 2 vs. 2. Each side have a choice to select the equipment’s to be used in next round. The rounds are best of 5. In the start of the round the players are equipped with the basic helmet vest and etc.

Big Head

It is the most funny and enjoyable mode .In this mode players are seen with the big heads. Player becomes exhausted after playing some time. So, this mode can refresh them.



The map includes shipyard, residential structure, power plant and much more .It is the basic map that can be enjoyed by everyone after entering the game. This map comes with the fresh greenery mountains and roads and the whole island is surrounded by the water.


It is the time opened map between 6 to 10pm. You can only enjoy this map during this time otherwise you will get this map locked. This map is divided into three parts one large and 2 smaller portion. The larger portion is the northern region many player land on this spot to find the comfortable place and can equip armor and guns timely.


It is the newest map introduced in the game. This map includes some different weapons as compare to the classic map. This map includes the dessert that increases the excitement in the players.


Everyone plays the game to amuse themselves. Graphics is the first requirement for the game. Graphics plays the important role in the success of the game. Garena Free Fire consist of the best graphics in the current time. Different colors makes the game interesting and attractive


The new feature in the game is the 360 rotation of the character in the lobby. This makes the gameplay more immersive and attractive Lobby allows the player to try different items on the player to make character different from the others

How to install Garena Free Fire apk?

To install this app you need a file extractor. It is the essential to extract OBB file from this method. You can use any similar app to extract.

Download the Apk+OBB file

Install the apk app and don’t open the game

Go to the file extractor app and extract OBB file

Go to the android folder and open the OBB file

Tap on the green circle button and extract the OBB file

After decompressing open the game

It will download the resources

After completion open the app sign in

Select the level

Get a suitable nickname for your character

Now you are ready to set the game


Is Garena free fire is Free?

Yes it is the free application available for the both apple and the android app. Many website provides the free fire app. It is the most popular and most used app in the 2019 and ongoing 2022. It is available for everyone.

What is APP’s full name?

Garena free fire apk

Is Free fire free to play?

Yes, you can play Free fire for free on, with no need to download or install anything. You can also try the Minecraft demo version or can play Minecraft free game by running it on an online server

Is APP’S multiplayer free?

Yes it is free for everyone

Where from I install this game?

You can install it from Google play store

Can you get APP’s on PC?

Yess it is available for the emulator player also

Directly play this game without a Google account?

Yes, but you should have the facebook account or google play account

How to download free fire?

You can download the free fire game from apkherb Complete method of the installation is provided above.

From which country Free Fire belong?

Free fire publisher and developer are Garena which is from the Singapore


It is the best game in the market. It is the most downloadable app in the 2019 and have most users in the 2022.Available for both apple and Google play store. It is free to use and people enjoy it a lot

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