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Mx player is the one of the best and leading video player app in the market recent time. This app is best because of its reliability and user friendly interface. It support many video type like HD, 2k, 4k depending upon the phone compatibility. User can watch TV shows, movies and songs. The best thing about the mx player is that it is the free app. Paid version of the app also comes with some advanced features. It comes for both android and IOS

Today everyone has a smart phone. They are usually want to do everything on it. Many problem solved by this phone. In old time one have to play the movies in the CD player. But the mx player solved this problem.

It comes with the multi-nucleus De-codification that enhances the feature of the app. It provides the high quality content to the users. It is the best app to enjoy videos. It also supports subtitle that attract many users. Now, in the recent times everyone prefer to use the mx player app instead of the default app because the default app is so basic to use. It does not have any advanced features.

Features of Mx player

Child lock

Today every parent is worried about their children. If parent provides their mobile to their children to watch cartoon. Children anticipate and change phone setting or delete something. This problem is solved by the Child lock. This lock everything and children unable to move the interface. They cannot close the app. Cannot Forward or backward video.

You can enable the child lock by touching the lock icon on the left corner of the mobile screen. Child lock is disabled by again tapping on the lock icon

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Video into Audio

Sometime if you have video song but you don’t want to want the video. In mx player you can do this. This can be save your battery because the battery will only optimized by the speakers. This is the best feature of the app.


This app will allow you to increase the volume up to 200% no other application provides this feature


Watching videos in the dark at full brightness can cause you to eyesight issue. Mx player allows the users to adjust the brightness according to the need for example watching videos in daylight requires high brightness and in darkness one should keep the brightness low.

Gestures in mx player

Mx player provides many gestures like

  • Swipe up/down on left side to increase or decrease the volume
  • Swipe up/down on right side to gradually increase/decrease brightness
  • Pin to zoom in and zoom out
  • Double tap to pause or play

Audio tracks

Watching something with the different language makes difficult to understand. Some videos have dual or multiple audio .Developer have solved this problem in such a way that you can switch between the audio easily by simple touch

Dark theme

In the recent time the Developers added the option for the dark them in the app that makes the app more desirable and easy to use. Now every app comes with the feature of the dark theme to provide the best experience for users


If videos didn’t have the feature of the multi audio and you still want to watch and understand video. So you can add the subtitles they will convert the audio into the text. Usually the videos comes with the subtitle file. If not available you can simply add the subtitle by downloading


One of the advanced feature of the app is that it provide the speed options for the videos. You can make the video fast or slow by setting up the speed to 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x

Easy interface

When you download the app it will ask you about access to the video and audio files. When access is provided the application will display all the videos in the line format arranged into the folders


At start the mx player was the video app but with time it also adopt the mp3 module format to capture the large market

How to download

just simply go to the google play search for the mx player and tap on the install. The app will be automatically get installed . just open it provide access and enjoy videos and mp3.

Final words on mx player

Mx player is best audio video player in the market. The best thing is that it is the free app for everyone. It has many features. In the above article you will get to know about the features. Download it to enhance your video watching experience. If you get enjoyed by the app kindly review and it google play and provide comment. In the recent update it also provides the direct access to the movies and TV shows live


Is mx player is free?

Yes the basic version is free for the everyone but the gold version is the paid app it comes with the enhanced features

How to download mx player?

so can simple download it from the google play store. But is you are facing any problem in downloading from the play store so you can download the apk and install it manually

Is mx player is recommended for android?

Basically it is available for both android and IOS. It is most used and best video player app in the android with the many advanced features

Is it available for PC?

No, it is not available for the PC but many android emulator can provide you service

It is safe to use?

Yess, it is safe and secure app to use and does not store your data

Is it available for IOS?

Yes, it is avialable for the IOS

Is it available for the offline use?

Yess it is available for the offline use

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