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Subway Surfers is the endless running game developed by kilo and SYBO Games. In these games you earn score by running and collect coin the ends when you collide with something like train, wall, obstacles and etc. If you are a fan of this game you will love to read this article. We provide the Upgraded Version of the app which include unlock characters and Unlimited keys

MOD Features

Unlimited keys

Unlimited Money

Everything unlocked

About Subway Surfers

In this game character keep on running until it smashes into something. It has simple moves which swipes left, right, jumps and roll. It has Bright colors with the eye-catching animations. Players can collect power-ups and booster to run further. Additionally, Developers added new Features which not let player bore. After its release billions of the people download it and it spread very fast

Features of Subway Surfers

High Quality Graphics

This game is mainly famous for its colorful graphics. It has vibrant colors and smooth animation that’s looks great on any device and makes game enjoyable.

Challenging Gameplay:

At beginning it is a very easy game but difficulty increases after time to time. It engages the player for hours. The fast character faces many obstacles, train and walls. Speed of train increases with points. It is very difficult to defend against the obstacle at very fast speed.

Great for all Ages:

The aesthetic vibrant and colorful animation make it best option for the younger player. Yet it is very easy to play which make favorable for the kids. While the difficulty and pace of the character makes favorite for the older people So, it is playable of every age. It is also the main reason for its fame.


Subway surfer is the free game but if you want to compete with your friend you have to earn more points than theirs. It can be done by boosters so that they run further. Purchases are totally optional in the game. You can play game if you don’t want to make any purchases. We provide you the game which have unlimited Coin. Now you can make purchases with the unlimited coin freely


You can connect your game with Facebook Account so you can compete with your friends in term of score. Player can also help their friends by sending them money so that they can make purchases. This makes the game more competitive and harder

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Booster helps in scoring. You can make purchase booster by the coins you earned while playing or watching ads

Top Run

It is also the major feature of the app which shows the top run of the players globally. You can try hard and make your name in top leader board.


Multiplier double your scores. It allows the user to use multipliers. It helps to make higher score. The higher the score make you top in the leaderboard


The game has many characters. This helps the user to use different character. This makes the game interesting. Mostly female player uses the girl and male player uses the boy characters. Every character has its own unique skill and power. You can unlock the character and makes you game experience more enjoyable


Hoverboard give you good not only provides you surfing but also provides and extra life. Usually when you are running and smashes into something immediately your game finishes. But when you are using the board and smashes into the something it gives you and extra life


Subway surfers includes many events which make game exciting. You can take part in the event So that you can make more points and rewards

How to install?

  • First uninstall the old installed subway surfer’s version from your device.
  • Now download the APK file from APKEmporium
  • First unable the installation from the unknown source
  • Open the File manager and locate the apk file
  • Tap on the file and tap on the install button
  • After installation open the game on our device
  • Enter your age to proceed to next stage.
  • Accept the term and privacy to move to the next stage by clicking on the ok button
  • Tap on the Continue button to proceed to the next window
  • Finally tap on the Play
  • And start using the game with the unlimited coin, keys and unlocked characters
  • How to Update App?
  • Yet it is not available on the you have to update it manually
  • First uninstall the older version of app
  • Download new Version
  • Configure it
  • Now, Start enjoying it

Final words on Subway Surfers

It is one of the best games in the market and in the world as well. It is also fun to use the game. If you haven’t played the game, we recommend you to play the game today to get best experience. If you want to download the app with the unlimited coins unlocked characters and infinity keys you can press on the link given in the article and play the game without the restriction.

Note: –

There are many Websites that are providing the upgraded version of the subway surfer game. Beware of these malicious and fake websites, not all the hack apps are safe to use. Use only the trusted sources to get your app Let us know if you are facing any error in downloading and installation


Is Subway Surfers in endless game?

It is the endless running game. The purpose of the game is to earn more point not to reach a particular destination. Players always try to beat their own personal record.

Can you get subway surfers on PC?

No unfortunately the app is not available for the pc version but to some fortune the are some android emulators are available in which you can play and enjoy exciting environment

What is the highest score?

The highest score keep changing time to time But currently, a player named Karim Mayur is topping the scoreboard with a 2,000,001,660 score but you can Change the leaderboard and make your score highest


you can enjoy many features of this ganme


Go to Google play store and click on manage app and device and click on the updated app.

It is a save application?

Yes dear, it always saves for your browsing and on your mobile

 Can I download it from the google play store?

Yes, dear, you can absolutely download it from the google play store on your android phone.

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