Ludo Star Mod Apk For Android (unlimited Money ,Gems)

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Ludo is the best childhood game. Everyone enjoys it in the is the main reason for its fame. In ludo star board game minimum two player can play game and maximum four players can join the game .it is the best recreation of the childhood game. Developers copied the same concept and implants it into the android Apk .It have four colors pawn red, blue, green and blue.’


The rule are simple you have to roll a dice and moves your pawn according to the number on the dice. You have to complete the circle all other three homes with your pawn. The one who completes circle faster wins the game. App is absolutely free for the users and reminds the childhood in the best way. Players can play the game with their friend and can also play solo with the random competitors. This android game solved the problem of requirement of physical board and players. There is a safe 2 spot in every home. No one can kill your pawn at that safe point.

In this Article we will provide you the Legit and best information about the Ludo star game. You can read the features download process and the requirement of the game in this article. We will provide you the Latest link of the app so you can download it without hesitation.

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Every multiplayer game does not allow the single player too enjoy the game. Keeping this problem in mind developer solved this problem in such a way that you can play with your friend or you can play randomly with the around the world. According to us this is the best feature. It does not let you get bored. It also created an option against computer (versus computer) .You also have a choice to select number of players. Days gone when you have to request other players to join you and you have to carry a physical board and pawns along. Now you just need a device to run the game to kill your time

Versus mode

The game which allows the player to play against their friends makes the special place in the heart of the people. In this developer are taking advantage of this feature. You can make new friends in the game by sending them a request. You will be able to play afterward with them in a team or against each other. Just connect internet connection an integrate your Facebook with the game, so your friend will be able to request to play along and you can challenge each other


Making the App multiplayer makes the app best but when the developers adds the features of the real time chat it distinguish with the other apps. You can share your thoughts with other players and can discuss the game strategy. It also involves the great feature of mute. You can mute your competitors if they are using abusive words or talking in the harsh language. Report them so that they team can ban them for a reason for exploiting the game behavior.


You can react to the every situation by sending the emoji’s. It saves your time from writing the message. Provides you the good and advance feeling .You can buy the animation and send them to the other players like smashing the tomatoes, Sending the hearts, sending donkey and much more.


You can earn coins by winning the game. You can earn double coins in exchange of coins you bet on if you win. You can bet the coins minimum 250 and up to millions.


The game Includes three modes quick, classic and arrow. Classic game is the old school mode of the game which includes the old rules and simple game.  Quick mode is the fastest mode in the game. It is the faster version of the game in which you circulate your 1 pawn only. The one who moves its pawn first wins the game. Arrow mode is slightly different from the other mods. There is arrow at every few step if you land on that arrow it moves your pawn to the next step. This makes the game harder and increases the difficulty level. In master mode you can double your pawn and can control the fortune. No one can cross your pawn it is the most difficult and longest mode of the game

How to download Ludo Star apk?


Install it

Configure your Facebook account

Start enjoying it

Requirements Ludo Star APK

Good internet connection

Almost Storage of 40 Mb

Android version greater then 4.0

Final Verdict on Ludo Star

The game is the best recreation of the childhood game. It provides the multiplayer and fantastic graphics that appeal everyone including children’s and the older ones. Apps interface is simple and easy to use .Understandable for everyone. It comes with the real time chat and emoticons. This game will take you t

What is APP’s full name?

Ludo star mod apk

Is Ludo free to play?

Yes, you can play ludo for free on, with no need to download or install anything. You can also try the ludo demo version or can play ludot free game by running it on an online server

  Is APP’S multiplayer free?

yes you can play multiple player

Where from I install this game?

From Google play store or

Directly play this game without a Google account?

No, you can’t play this game directly.


Go to Google play store and click on manage app and device and click on the updated app.

It is a save application?

Yes dear, it always saves for your browsing and on your mobile

Can I download it from the google play store?

 Yes, dear, you can absolutely download it from the google play store on your android phone.

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