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GTA San Andreas is iconic game. It is the best release by the developer. It is already famous around the world. The game was developed by the Rockstar game in the 24 October. This game is famous for its graphics and gameplay. It was the everyday playing game for the people and children. The game ha the fantastic graphics. It is based upon the story which has the character which continues the story like carl Johnson, Kendall Johnson “Kendl”, Carl Johnson “CJ”, Sean Johnson “Sweet”, Brian Johnson. Brain was CJ’s younger brother who died a few years ago in a car accident.


So the story continues with the CJ. Either you have to follow the story in which he avenge his mother death. Or you can play in the open environment in which you can collect money, kick the pedestrians, stealing money and car, going to clubs for meet up and avoiding the police.

Cj want to leave the criminal world. But he does not have the second option. By performing the mission you can restore the old gang of the CJ and gain back respect in San Andreas. If you are getting bored by doing mission pause them and move randomly you will see a lot more. If you commit any crime the police is behind you. You can dodge them by hiding in to place that they cannot find. If you don’t get rid by them. The police is increased as the stars increased by the time. .  It has the two gangs one is green which are on the CJ side and the other one is Purple one which are against the CJ. Both gangs are the rivals to each other. CJ can also increase its gang member and also travelled with them

Android APK

As the android industry evolves everyone demands for the android version for the Gta San andreas. So the developer have developed the android version of the game so everyone can enjoy it.  It has the same graphics as the PC game. It also have the same mission and the story line. You can also customize the character by changing the cloths customizing the tattoos. Game has many vehicles. The character has the limited life. If it ended the character has to start his life from the hospital again. The game was the best developed in the times it was released

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Game has the fantastic fan base. Till now it also have many player which are still playing them for fun. It is everyone childhood game which they have developed in the android version. It is a paid game. It is also available in the Google Play Store. Some people are searching for the advanced version of the game you landed at the best page. Many other websites are also providing the mod games file by beware of them because it also contains the malware and virus. It is also the security risk. Website may steal your data. As the apk herb is the trusted website provides you the safe and secure Gta San andreas game file

Features of GTA San Andreas:

  • Graphics: The game has the fantastic and high graphics. It gives the gamers good experience. In the latest version you will find the high resolution game same as the pc game.
  • Storage is the main concern for the gamers. Developer have also solved this problem by saving the game progress in the cloud. Cloud saving is also added in the latest version. You don’t have to worry about the storage for the storage in the latest version of the GTA San Andreas.
  • Controls: This apk has the simple controls. Dual analog stick also available in this version of the game which make the game comfortable. As it is the 3d game you can also control the movement other options and camera.
  • Compatible: This game is highly compatible with the android devices. It can also compatible with the wireless controllers. It can also get connected to the different Bluetooth and USB gamepads. So you can also enjoy this game with the best experience.
  • Map: GTA San Andreas is the greater then the vice city and the previous version of the GTA series. It is almost six time more than the other versions. You can also freely drive around the city. It is made of different cities with contain different weather landscape and mountain ranges it give the character freedom to drive and perform different task which are not related to the story line.
  • Mission : This includes more than 100 missions. It makes the game interesting. You have to complete these mission so you can navigate to the storyline. The mission includes the riding the quad and simple bikes, collaborating to the other character, rivalry with the other game and can rob a bank

System requirements

The minimum requirement for installing the GTA San Andreas for installing the apps and run it smoothly are:

  • 4.0+ android version
  • 1.7 Gb storage
  • RAM 4gb +

Final words on GTA San Andreas:

GTA series always known for its fame. It was the best game for the pc. Now today it is also available for the android device. You don’t have to worry about the game progress storage as it is saved on the cloud. It is the paid game but we provide you free.

If you face any problem while downloading or installing the game do let us know we will be happy to help you to resolve your issue

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