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Snapchat is the one of the most popular application in the social media world. By the means of the snapchat people communicate with each other.

People don’t share their photos and videos with other before they met someone. This app completely solved this problem by providing the best privacy so every user can trust each other. It advance the lifestyle of the people they don’t like going back to the ancestor era. Now people just clicked the photos and send everyone with just one click

Let us discus the history of snapchat. It was developed by the fraternity brothers, Evan, bobby murphy in the 2011. It provides the high sense of security. It provides the feature of the snapstreak by which you can get the daily update of each other.  It has many filters which never let you getting bores. It also provides the trendy filters and filters according to the current occasion. You can also create your own filter by paying the fees of 10$. It has the multimedia chat by which you can chat with your friends and family with the help of media. For more features read the detailed article.

By opening app you directly comes to the camera which helps to send the snapstreak in seconds. It has the bitmoji option which creates the emoji customizable. It is the top rated application on the Play store with the thousands of the users. The snapchat users integrates the Map into the app which shows the live location of the snapchat friend. It has the save option by which you can store your snapstreak and send them later. It becomes the daily routine application for the vast of the users on the internet.

They have the best team. They solve your problem in few second. Sometimes you’re and your friend snapstreak suddenly disappears just let them know they will resolve you issue in few second and confirms you by sending you email.

The best thing in the application is that it provides the security which separates them from other social media application. The messages disappears after some time

After the sometime it shows you the memorable event after the 1 year. That keep you attach to your memories and your friend. By using the snapchat you will not feel need of any other app. It is the complete application with the basic interface and it is easy to use

The best innovation and technology in the recent world are the Snapchat App. It connects the world and link with each other. NO other social media app is performing connection between people. When is talk about the social media app the snapchat has no comparison with the other app. It is the complete app its name given because it depends upon videos and pictures.

The best feature that separates the App with its competition is privacy. Once you have sent the videos r pictures to your friend it only opens once and after it disappeared. No one can recover it after disappearing and if you want to reopen it immediately the notification sent to the owner for the reply of the app. By using this app to can freely send chats to your friend around the world. It guarantees free and secure environment

In this article we will provide you complete information about the App and the detailed features

Features of the Snapchat App:


As the world progressing with the short video format. The snapchat also has introduce the reels into the application by which it will keep you updated and entertained.


  • Whenever we capture a picture, we upload it on our social media basically we take our photos for the social media we post everywhere including snapchat. It provides large number of filters for the imaged and many other editing features like sound, resizing and cropping


  • Snap streak is the best feature of snap chat. Doubly you don’t open many social media apps daily. Snap streak is sending of the streak to each other daily or you can send it multiple time and vice versa. It increases your daily snap score. The main Benefit of this features is to daily connect you with your friends and stay updated with each other life and schedule.


  • There is the huge tendency of getting bored with the others app but in this case, it is not possible because the app provides the trendy and updated filters which entertain the users. It provides the Super trendy filters such as in the season of the world cup and football cup it provides filters for their fans to support their favorite teams


  • Social media has been criticizing for the privacy till now but this app have been created keeping this fact in mind. No one can sends you pictures videos and snap streak without becoming your friend. If someone tries to take screenshot of your personal picture and videos it notifies you  it also notifies you if you reopen media again

Multimedia Chat

  • We use to apps to use multiple option one app for chatting and one app for sending picture but this app provides both features and ease your routine. It allows you to send pictures free of cost and save your value able store on your device. In android the chat disappeared immediately after seen so you can chat freely with your friend without any fear

Save option

  • Sometimes we busy in something else and we don’t focus or give attention to the text or streaks. After sometime the particular text r streak vanishes but keeping in view this problem developers of the app allows you to save the streaks in the chat

Own filter

  • App allows you to create your own Filters with the 10$-15$  fees
  • You can Upload your stories and your can friend watch it


  • App have the best features that integrates the google map and show all your snapchat friend with their current location. You can also disable this option

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How to install Snapchat App?

  • Just open the Google play play store search for the snapchat.
  • Download it and wait for installing.
  • login into the application by providing the detail.
  • Start using it and enjoy it


Is Snapchat is safe?

Snapchat is the one of the most secured app in the recent social media app.

Can we use app on Pc?

Yes you can go to and use on the  Chrome ,Edge and other browsers

It will get Update?

Yes, you have to update it automatically from the google play store

Final words on Snapchat

This app is used by the millions of the customers and received reputation greater than the original one. It is preferred by way of most people of the human beings as they’re the use of the good sized majority of the features. You can use this utility is the android and IOS.

In this Team apk herb Tried to provide you best experience and reality of the app

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